ZUF warns NFP squad against intimidating people


TAMENGLONG, April 4 (NNN): Strongly opposing to the alleged diktat imposed on the public by Naga People`s Front (NPF) candidate Soso Lorho and his canvassing squad in Manipur Outer parliamentary constituency, the Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) warned those elements today from intimidating the people especially in `Zeliangrong areas`.

“We heard that NPF candidate Soso Lorho and his canvassing squad are intimidating the people that those who do not vote for the candidate will be tagged anti-Nagas,” alleged the ZUF. The Zeliangrong outfit also said this kind of `unethical and immoral imposition` leads to chaos and confusion in the society during the election time. “Therefore, to avoid such unwanted development in the society the ZUF warns those NPF supporters and the candidate to stop such malicious act upon the public or face tough consequences. We are nothing to do with any candidate and his/her campaigning team who is campaigning based on true democratic principle and the party manifesto,” the ZUF added.

The ZUF then appeals the Zeliangrong frontal organizations not to indulge in the election saying it will invite stern public reaction and lack of trust. “Any frontal organization is involving in election campaign and dictating the public for a particular candidate will be taken befitting action. At the same time, the front appeals to all the brethren to keep away from any forceful dictate but to exercise your liberty in this election.

The ZUF re-assures the general public today that they will never engage or involve in the electioneering process of the civil society organizations, state assembly elections or parliamentary elections.

“Every electorate of the Outer parliamentary constituency who is eligible to exercise his or her ‘right to vote’ has the prerogative right and liberty to choose his or her preference of candidates in any election of the Union of India,” stated the ZUF. “This fundamental right that enshrined in the Constitution of India allows him or her to choose any candidate based on their allegiance and affiliation to a particular political party’s ideology. No one has the authority to forcefully intimidate the electorates in any manner for their selfish gain. “The candidate who tries to indulge in such conduct cannot be tolerated at any cost,” the ZUF said.


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