2nd Passport Mela kicks off


IMPHAL, May 26: More than 70 individuals have submitted their documents seeking passport today during the first day of the second phase Passport Camp at the Banquet Hall of the 1st Manipur Rifles.

The first phase was held in February earlier this year.

The camp has been organised under the aegis of the State Home department, said an official.

The camp is being attended by the regional passport officer, Guwahati Ajungla Jamir and three other officials including the deputy passport officer.

However, due to their tied schedule, none of the officials could meet with the media.

The officials checked every document submitted carefully lest there be any mistake, asserted an individual who had just submitted his documents.

He observed, if even a single paper was found missing, their application is rejected and not accepted.

Sources said the officials will be coming back within two months. The application forms received during these two days starting today will be sent for documentation to the Guwahati office and will again be processed at Kolkata, sources informed.


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