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Chandel villagers repair district hq road

CHANDEL, May 27: Before the onset of monsoon in the State, villagers of Chandel District have initiated repairing of the deplorable road stretch from Pallel to Modi Village via the district headquarters today.

The road repairing work of the 22 kilometres long stretch has been taken up under the initiative of Chandel Naga People’s Organization (CNPO) following the State’s failure to repair it in the last few years.

Since 8 in the morning, a large number of villagers including women residing along the road came out with spades and shovels to mend the potholes with pebbles and sand transported by trucks.

While some others drained out the water logged in the potholes from the middle of the road.

While expressing gratitude to the district administration, commanding officers of both 20 Assam Rifles and 8th Manipur Rifles, Contractors’ Association of Chandel District, tribe leaders of the Seven Naga Tribes and villagers for their cooperation and assistance, Ws Kanral Anal, president of the CNPO said that the repairing work was taken up as the State government has failed to repair it since the last few years.

The deplorable condition of the road made the people of the district poorer as more fuel are consumed, vehicles often break down and further affecting the health of the commuters who frequent the road, he said.

Further, he questioned that is there any government in the state. If there is a good government, he appealed to repair the said road at the earliest.




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