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Chandel youth initiate river cleaning exercise

CHANDEL, May, 12: In a bit to make Chakpi River a source of potable water free from pollution, hundreds of youth under the initiative of Maha Area Baptist Youth fellowship (MABYF) residing within the district headquarters Chandel on May 10 carried out a voluntary cleanliness drive during which the stretch of the river about one km starting from a point near Mantri Pantha to Koinonia School in Hnahringkhu was cleaned.

During the drive, the volunteers picked up filthy garbage and dumped waste materials being disposed at some location by the residents.

The participating youth on the same day took out a rally after cleaning the river stretch. The rally started from Hnahringkhu village via Japhou Bazar and proceeded towards the public garbage dumping centre located near the District Forest Office, Chandel where all waste material are disposed off.

During the rally, volunteers held placards saying “Chakpi River Is Our Life. Treat It Well,” “Let Chakpi River Flow in Peace,” “Don’t be Selfish, Think for the next Generation” were raised.

The Chakpi River which is considered the soul of the district, has today become the dumping ground of the locals thereby rendering its water unfit for human consumption.

At a few locations, kitchen waste and even latrine outlets are witnessed running directly into the river, making it unhealthier.

In the wake of the recent scarcity of water faced throughout the State, the youths took out the drive with the hope of spreading awareness of saving the Chakpi River and keeping the town green and clean.



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