Children need to read books other than text books, RK Nimai


IMPHAL, May 24: The 27th Foundation Day of Manipur Library Association (MALA) and Second Nongmeikapam Gopal Singh Memorial Lecture were observed today at Manipur Dramatic Union.

Speaking at the function, Keisamthong MLA L Ibomcha Singh said MALA is under the department of Art and Culture but due to shortage of wages sanction from the department it could not uphold its position, opining that it will be better if MALA is put under the Education department.

“Moreover, the Thoubal parking near MALA annoys the readers and it has be shifted to some other place,” he said.

“Various acts have been implemented in the state but are now defunct. However, AFSPA is the only act which is in full-swing. Not any kinds of agitation were able to make the act repealed.”

He also expressed that certain changes will take place in the state also by the formation of a new government at the centre.

Art and Culture Commissioner Dr RK Nimai Singh said that the issues of readers and users of the library will arise only when reading habits come to people.

In the state, there are not more than 2000 members in Manipur library and parents don’t encourage their children to read books other than their text books which is wrong, he said.

Asking for a change in mindset if the status of Manipur library is to be changed, he urged the parents to have a rethink if they want to make the lives of their children a success.


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