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Formal charge hearing against Sharmila ends; verdict on June 4

Sharmila coming out of the court room
Sharmila coming out of the court room

IMPHAL, May 24: The Chief Judicial Magistrate, Imphal East will announce its verdict on June 4 after the formal charge hearing against Irom Sharmila ends on Saturday.

Sharmila has been under judicial custody on charges of attempting suicide under section 309 of Indian Panel Court for not partaking food. She remains steadfast on her fast unto death until her demand for repeal of AFSPA from the state is met.

The Superintendent of Police (SP), Prisons, Goulangmang, who was summoned on May 21 for not submitting Sharmila’s health status report, appeared before the court today.

After the hearing, Sharmila said she wishes to meet the new Prime Minister to inform him about the hardships faced by people due to the imposition of AFSPA, adding that she hasn’t asked for an appointment so far.

Stating that there was no problem with her health, she replied that she didn’t have any faith in politicians when asked about her opinion on the JD (U)’s decision to join her struggle.

“If they are honest and join the fight until the demand is conceded, it will be good for me and the people too,” she stated.

She said if her defense lawyers are not able to provide her justice, the social activists and others would.

Briefing the media, Sharmila’s counsel Khaidem Mani said that the legal charge hearing against Sharmila was over and on June 4 the court would announce its verdict.

Stating that the S0 (Prisons) submitted reports to the court on her mental and physical status which were found to be normal. He said something is amiss in the charges against her because hers is not an attempt to commit suicide but a fast unto death demanding the wellbeing of every citizen.




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