Indian democracy a sham as racial discrimination is prevalent


IMPHAL, May 26: The North East people are being discriminated due to difference in appearance with various untoward incidents happening against them whereas no action has been taken up till date to give them justice, said North East Students Organization (NESO) general secretary S Prakash.

“India is known to be one of the largest democratic countries in the world and also claims that it always strives to maintain peace in the country. However, it is a baseless statement because racial discrimination occurs within the country,” the NESO general secretary alleged during a one-day awareness programme on racial discrimination by the mainland Indians to the North East People held at Standard Robarth English School, organised by Joint Students Coordination Committee.

Fight 4 Your Pride, a Delhi-based organisation and students also attended the function.

Speaking at the function, a member of Fight 4 Your Pride, Rahul Anand Singh said his organization is working to eliminate racism against North East People and the ill-treatment against them.

The organisation has been fighting for the rights of the NE people to stop them from being discriminated, he said, adding that the idea is to stop potential culprits on their first wrong activity or misbehavior through small punitive actions or legal defense. So that others will take lessons and they will not commit heinous crimes like rape, murder etc.

The aim of observing such a function is to give awareness to students and give them lessons for self defense, he said.


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