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Informer accused of feeding maligning reports of people to SF found dead

BISHNUPUR, May 14: A police informer was found dead this early morning a day after he was punished and reprimanded by locals accusing him of wrongly informing the Army and the police against other locals.

A 62-year-old bachelor, Moirangthem Kesho of Leimaram Waroiching was reprimanded by the locals for prompting the Army and the police commandos to arrest and assault other individuals of the area by supplying wrong information. He was also charged of misguiding the public by acting as a quack.

The same evening Kesho was handed over to his own younger brother, but was found dead the next morning in his own courtyard.

While he was being interrogated by the public yesterday at the Waroiching Community Hall, Kesho had himself affirmed the charges levelled by the locals.

Locals also set ablaze his mobile phone, handwritten notes, books in front of him and took him to the Waroiching commando post to hand him over, but the post denied to accept him.

After the denial of the police to take him in their custody, the locals handed Kesho to his own younger brother, last evening.

However, this morning when a team of the Bishnupur Pump House Army came this early morning to his residence to clarify that the post has no relation or contact with Kesho, they found his dead body lying inside the compound of his own house.

The police have taken the body for post mortem.

It may be mentioned that on May 11, a team of the Bishnupur Pump House Army and Bishnupur CDO checked every house in the locality in the name of searching two individuals identified as Bimola and Manglembi from Singjamei.

Locals had also witnessed Kesho sitting inside one of the CDO vehicles.

It is also learnt that the locals suspecting something unusual had interrogated him yesterday, during which it came to light that he was an informer.

There was also an instance on September 28, 2000 when two youth of the locality were assaulted by the Army after arresting them.

Kesho had also spent three years in jail in connection with a murder case, informed locals.



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