Jiribam student bodies set June 10 deadline for State to act on MoU


JIRIBAM, May 26: The Jiribam units of the AMSU, MSF, DESAM and KSA have jointly lamented the State government’s failure to turn into action its assurances.

The student bodies have set June 10 as a deadline for the Education minister and the authorities concerned to work on the MoU signed between the student bodies and the minister.

A joint statement signed by AMSU, Jiribam president Y Sanjiv Singh, DESAM, Jiribam president K babulu Singh, MSF, Jiribam president M Nilakamal Singh and KSA, Jiribam president U Rojen Singh has said that on October 25, 2013, the State Education minister M Okendro had assured the students of the sub division to appoint the required teachers for the sub-division from amongst the qualified youth of the sub-division, itself.

However, the minister has remained silent till date, and failed to turn his assurance into action, it said.

Incase the authorities’ fail to turn the MoU into action before the end of the set deadline, the student bodies will undertake several stern agitations, it aid.

Even though Jiribam falls under Imphal East district, there are many teachers who after their posting at the sub-division would attend their place of posting for a few days and then go back home. This has created a big issue in the education sector in the sub-division, the statement asserted.

Even though aware of thehappening, the local MLA has remained as a silent spectator, it said while demanding the MLA Th Debendra Singh to resign.


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