Letter to Arvind Kejriwal from Oken Jeet Sandham

Aam Admi Party
Aam Admi Party
Dear Arvind Kejriwal,
When you could throw out the powerful Congress Regime of Sheila Dikshit in Delhi, you had brought a political revolution in this largest democratic nation in the world. All the political intellectuals, pundits and thinkers supported you particularly your style of leading the war from the front in the simplest form. The country woke up to your unique political character and you had emerged as an unprecedented political icon when the country was plunging into unprecedented scandals after scandals.
Your decision to join politics was fundamentally to fight against corrupt Congress Government but when you took the support of Congress MLAs to form the Delhi Government, the very political purpose and ideology you set in was literally defeated.
Your political journey was further compounded by your apparent failure to run the administration for even two months at Delhi and running away from the responsibilities. These made you extremely vulnerable, politically.
However, you and your party, AAP, could have performed still magic if you did not take to decision to expand your very nascent political party to other parts of India. You should have concentrated on Delhi alone. The people would have still loved and voted for you.
Greed for power destroys everything. What is the point to win everything if the soul perishes? Yet in your case, you lose everything including soul.
Yours Sincerely,
Oken Jeet Sandham
From Northeast India
( The author can be reached at nepsonline@yahoo.com)


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