MBC celebrates Mothers’ Day


IMPHAL, May 11: The MBC centre church, Imphal celebrated the Mother’s day with much spiritual enthusiasm and fervour this morning 6:30 am onwards.

High dignitaries, representatives of the church, board of Deacon and others, altogether around 2000 individuals attended the celebration paying tribute to mothers everywhere.

Although, the state deputy chief minister Gaikhangam was not physically present, he donated a sum of Rs two lakhs to the church for the observation.

75 years old Shoibe Shimray was crowned the Mother of the Year award and honoured with gifts and flower bouquet.

Shoibe Shimray was the first secretary of the South Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association and mother of two.

The Men’s Society presented a white shawl to all the attendees. The white shawl signifies the purity of a mother’s heart.

Associate pastor, TBCI Smart Kashung talked on remembrance, re-affirmation, redefine and reward for the mothers who act as the most influential character in everyone’s lives.

Kashung strongly appealed to the members to thank their mothers and remember her as there is none to substitute a mother.


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