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News of my resignation is a fabricated lie: Kim Gangte

IMPHAL, May 22: In what could be a big blow to the show of unity that certain leaders of the All India Trinamool Congress, Manipur State Unit had put up on Wednesday, Kim Gangte has reacted harshly over her reported resignation from being the party’s president and Khumuckcham Joykishan’s replacing her.

Kim Gangte said the report that she had tendered her resignation from the party’s top post as a total lie.

“Why should I tender my resignation?” she asked and added exasperatedly, “there has been no such order from the party high command for the conduct of any fresh election for the post till now.”

She continued, “The reports of all the developments reported in the newspapers have been submitted to the party high command today, and we are waiting for the high command’s decision on the development.”

The group who had made the announcement yesterday should be treated as anti-party, as they had acted while fully aware that all such decisions as conduct of election to the party’s post are taken by the high command, she asserted.

Now, it is for the AITC high command to decide on the next step, she observed further.

The political crisis which has come to the fore only recently had been brewing in the party for the past few years, she said.

The problem was kept away from the public, said Kim Gangte who lost out against Congress candidate in the LS election recently.

This time, the limits of tolerance have been crossed, she fumed adding that she was hopeful of the problem getting solved inside the party only, but it has only developed into favouritism and nepotism.

While, there was another group in the party led by an MLA who had recently lobbied for the post of the president with the high command, another group in the party has come out with a new elected president all without her knowledge, she said.

She continued there is no e-mail sent or any letter submitted tendering my resignation to the party high command till now.

She said she has been trying to form a strong party against the ruling Congress government for the last many years, and was handed the charge of the post of president by Mamta Banerjee herself.

Every office bearer has been appointed randomly till date, she continued.

I will not resign as there is no appropriate reason, she asserted.

All reports of certain party MLAs merging with the BJP are false, she continued.

The Manipur State Unit of the All India Trinamool Congress is passing though some rough weather but it will emerge stronger and return to become one of the most powerful party in the state, she said.



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