Oil tankers stop service to protest against OC’s ‘demeaning action’


IMPHAL May 13: The All Manipur Petroleum Tanker Drivers’ Union has launched a steering wheel down protest from this morning against officer in charge, Imphal Police station Ak Shantikumar who had forcibly compelled six detained petroleum tanker drivers and helpers to clean the Police Station compound.

The six were made to sweep the floors of the police station, after they were picked up during a search operation at the Inter State Bus Terminus this morning around 8 by the Imphal West Cdo, said a member of the union.

Meanwhile, the union has decided not to lift the agitation unless proper action is taken against the OC for his demeaning action.

Addressing the media, an executive member of the union said that six non-local drivers and helpers of petroleum tankers were picked up by a team of Imphal West Commando team during a surprise search operation at ISBT.

Following which the others informed the president of the union who was at Assam at the moment, he said.

The president than contacted the senior police officials and the Imphal West superintendent of police and appealed for the release of the six, he continued.

The president had informed him to collect the six detainees from the Imphal Police Station, continued the union member.

He said following the instruction from their president, he along with three others went to the station and witnessed the six detained individuals made to sweep and clean the solid waste products in the police station.

They approached the OC Shantikumar who was in vicinity and asked him to release the six, however, the OC refused and instead asked them to step aside, he continued.

Then they came back and informed their leader and decided to launch the agitation against the ill-treatment by the police OC, he claimed.

He also said that their agitation will not be taken back until and unless a proper action is taken against the Officer In charge of Imphal Police Station he said.

Soon after the incident, the all the Petroleum Tanker were seen parked inside the ISBT complex and not unloading fuel to the various petrol pumps in the State.


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