Peh village name cleared from Gurgaon racket case


By R Lester Makang
UKHRUL, May 28: Giving a new twist to the recent Gurgaon sex racket case, fresh evidences have suggested that the name of Peh (Paoyi) village should not have been linked to the nefarious incident as the two accused women who were reported to be hailing from the village, are no longer residents of Peh as one had already married a man from Hunphun village while the other to a different community.

The new evidences emerged after this IFP correspondent conducted an independent investigation following reports that the alleged linking of the village’s name in the case in certain Imphal based daily newspapers reports has hurt the sentiments of Peh villagers.

It is worthwhile to recall here that a news report carried in this paper on May 6 pertaining to the recent Gurgaon case had quoted sources based on TFOs resolution adopted at a joint emergency meeting on May 2 last and had mentioned Paoyi village as one of the native places of the accused.

Reliable sources have disclosed that since the two accused have already married outside the village, they have stopped being members and residents of Peh/ Paoyi and as such, implicating the village name in irresponsible activities of these two individuals is impropriate.

Consequently, it is learnt that the name of Peh/Paoyi village has nothing to do with the April 22 incident in Gurgaon.



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