SDPAM retorts to APDS allegation


KANGPOKPI, May 14: The Senapati Disable People Association Manipur (SDPAM) in a strong reaction to the allegation made by the Association for People with Disability, Senapati (ADPS), stated that the association which was in fact an allied body of the now dissolved ATDUM way back in 2013, has made a baseless statement of SDPAM tarnishing the image of ATDUM/ADPS.

The SDPAM in line with the reply of the All Disable Union Sadar Hills (ADUSH) towards the same allegation made by the ATDUM and ADPS, also out rightly denied that SDPAM’s member S Hingba Aloysius has done anything to tarnish the image of ATDUM.

The association also lashed out on ATDUM for demanding legal action against Hingba for no crime or offence committed by the member, but for the sheer reason of being employed as ADC assistant teacher.

The SDPAM reinstated its legality as a registered organisation and being recognised and acknowledged by the whole district and even the state.

NG Khayuingam, president of the SDPAM, stated that there is no point in Yuimi Khonghar allegation of terming SDPAM as fake organization and that S. Hingba tarnished the reputation of ATDUM. Instead, the SDPAM charge the ATDUM that it did not recognize the existence of ADPS and that the apex Senapati student’s body like SDSA has also earlier summoned ADPS for clarification and its existence, which the later failed.The ATDUM was derecognized on 2nd of October, 2013 for the reason which was earlier published.

The president of SDPAM also affirmed to have parted with the ATDUM since unanimous formation of All Hill District Disable Union (AHDDU) in December, 2013 as published in the some local dailies.


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