Trust party’s secularism, CCpur BJP tells after landslide LS poll win


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, May 19: The Churachandpur District BJP leaders celebrated the party’s landslide win at the Centre in the 16th Lok Sabha election. A press meet was also called in this connection today at Tuibuang, Lamka, Churachandpur.

The meeting was attended by several party leaders of the state in Hangkhanpau, who is also an ex minister, the lone Member of the Autonous District Council, CCpur Tongminthang and other leaders of the party from the district.

Hangkhanpau said even though the party lost in both seats in the state, the fact that the party candidates came third in both seats is also an achievement of the party in the state.

The ex-MLA said that he was happy that the party was able to secure almost 6000 votes from the district, though the party had no time to campaign in the district. He said with the help from the people the party will win next time.

“Under Rajnath Singh and Modi, we are on the right path to transform India,” the ex-MLA said while thanking the people of the district.

He further said that, in regards to the general conception that BJP rule would mean chaos in Manipur, it was the failure of the state government that often led to money deficit of money although the Centre had already sanctioned the amount.

“Irrespective of which party rules, the fact is that in Manipur shortage of money is a self-made as the state government are misappropriating fund allocated to them,” he said.

He also said that the people can trust BJP’s secularism as would be proved by statistics.

Decrying the sharp increase in incidents of rapes and lawlessness, he said the BJP’s coming to power will certainly bring down the numbers of such crimes.

Hangkhanpau continued that the people of the State should see reason, and give the BJP a chance in 2017, as the more than 10-year rule of the Congress has only been disastrous.

Citing the Mini secretariat, Churachandpur, he said even though mini secretariats in several districts have already been inaugurated, the one in CCpur is far from over.

“We will relentlessly pursue for ADC to be made full-fledged, the grant of the Sixth Schedule to the hills of Manipur and that the rights of the chiefs that will be looked after as per the customary laws of the tribal,” Tongminthang, the lone ADC CCpur member of the party assured the public.

The member of the ADC Churachandpur said that the irregularities in the payment of job cards was the fault of the state government who cannot even fulfil the 100-day wages, which was les then 50 days this years, granted by the Centre for which he said that the BJP will make a better plan with the co-operation of the people.

On being question of the written assurance from the BJP top leaders or the core committee regarding the UG groups under the Suspension of Operation, he said that the assurance was provided with the condition that the people will support the party, nevertheless, the CCpur mandal will certainly take up the issue.

“Until we take the issue of UPF, KNO or other UG groups as a national problem or treated them as one, we will keep on failing,” he observed.


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