Ukhrul CWC constrained by staff shortage


UKHRUL, May 7: With the only two female staff continually staying away from duty for reasons unknown, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Ukhrul is having a tough time dealing with juvenile cases in the district.

Ukhrul is one place where juvenile cases often occur wherein most victims are female children but owing to continued absence of female staff, conduct of necessary formalities in such cases is often hampered, said CWC Ukhrul chairman Ngathingpam Zimik here on Tuesday.

According to Zimik, as per government guidelines, CWC Ukhrul has six sanctioned staffs including a DTP operator who were appointed in 2012, of which four are males and two females.

However, one female staff Ringmichon has never reported for duty nor attended any training since her appointment in 2012 while Mangte Nahoi has remained in Imphal continually abstaining from her duty though supposed to be based here.

Citing recent cases of child trafficking in Jaipur and Bangalore, Zimik recollected that for want of female staff CWC Ukhrul had gone through a hard time dealing with the girl victims and hordes of formalities including legal and medical which were not appropriate for male staff to handle when most victims were girls.

As such, we have been demanding fresh appointment of female staff so as to improve functioning of the committee, the chairman said while adding that we are presently coping with a case of a female psychotic but without any female staff we are being constrained in performing our duties in such cases.


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