UKLF disapproves camping of unfriendly armed groups


IMPHAL, May 21: The UKLF, in a statement, clarified that the organization had never forced or pressurised anybody to oppose the setting up of KNLF camp at Semol village and that the people raised their own objection owing to the reason that installing two unfriendly armed groups in the same area would certainly disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the area. So, the opposition from the public is not a new one but it was there right from the start.

The UKLF had expressed its strong dislike to the setting up of KNLF camp right from the beginning for the sake of peace and tranquillity in the area and thereby approved the standpoint of the public, it said.

KNLF had surrendered to the state government last year and they are non SoO group and they should not be treated at par with the UKLF, it said.

Surrendered groups are not entitled to designated camp, it continued. Even if they are to be given they must be affiliated or attached to the umbrella organisation, the statement said.

The KNLF is under the KNO and they should be attached with KNO camp and must be housed in security forces camps and to be used at will by the later whereas SoO groups have proper guidelines and ground rules and not at all par with the surrenderees, said the UKLF statement.

Media houses and the general public must also differentiate the different between the two and designate them separately while writing or addressing, it said and added that it is a known fact that extorting and serving demand notes and other anti-social activities are mostly committed by these surrender groups such as the extortion of money and sending demands to truckers and saw mills in Khengjoi sub-division.

India being a democratic country, the government must acquire the prior agreement from the chief who is the owner of the land and nobody has the authority to force anybody to donate land for constructing designated camp and must pay heed to the voice of the public if the intention of the government is real peace, said the Information and Publicity secretary of UKLF.


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