AMSU urges people’s cooperation against price hike


IMPHAL, June 19: The All Manipur Students Union has appealed to the people to cooperate in its drive against the rapid price hike in the state.

Speaking to media persons in a press conference at the AMSU headquarter on Thursday, AMSU secretary L Regan said concerned departments should take the initiative to control price hike by formulating the right policy.

Stating that the price hike by shopkeepers and businessmen has increased repeatedly, he said the repeated price hike has made the general public suffered a lot of difficulties.

The sellers should also sell the products at the rate fixed by the government to alleviate the hardships of the general public, he said, adding that the concerned department which is yet to fix the correct prices of goods has compounded the people’s woes by its failure to do so.

Appealing the concerned department to fix properly the prices of items in the market, he said the concerned department should fix a rate for the convenience of the general public and make people aware about the fixed price.



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