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Andro MLA facilitates evening classes in govt schools

IMPHAL, June 18: “The constituency of Andro is gearing up to produce position holders in matriculation exam of the State. The mission will be accomplished by 2017”, said MLA Th. Shyamkumar. The MLA spoke to media, at the sidelines of his visit to the evening class that was being conducted at the Andro government school.

He said the Andro government schools will compete with the private schools in the coming years.

The evening classes are conducted by hiring teachers from the private schools. Priority is given to the students whose families cannot afford to pay for education for their children. The current infrastructure will gradually be upgraded to meet the global standards, he said.

He also added that classes are being conducted both in the day and the evening so as to encourage as much students as possible.

Th Shyamkumar shared his confidence that the effort made by him will produce students who can earn positions in the top ten of board examination. The students are studying in Kastruba Gandhi Balika School which has only up to VIII. The girl students of this school also give free classes in the government school. The rest of the students mostly from Imphal East district whose family conditions are poor.

The schools are constructed from the government plan and some financial aid from the MLA’s local area development fund.

MLA Shyamkumar further mentioned that the newly construction of Andro Schools will be inaugurated on June 25 2014 namely Andro high school, Kastruba Gandhi Balika School, Poirou Khunjil School, Yambem school, Tamukhong school and Moirangpural school by the Education Minister, Principal Secretary Education Director Education.

He said when became MLA for the first time, there were only 30 students in the Andro government schools but now the government school has 1000 students and above. Still seven to eight thousand has applied for admission for next years.

We have provided facilities up to class tenth only till now, but the higher secondary will start after the government provides a higher secondary in the Andro area. The aim of the enlighten knowledge is not to depend the students careers on private school. The state government have provided good infrastructure of education. We need to use the benefits in right direction, Shyamkumar said.




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