CCpur College facing acute shortage of lecturers


LAMKA, June 12 (JNN): The Churachandpur Government College has submitted a memorandum to the Education minister M Okendro on Thursday through Dr Chaltonlien Amo, chairman of Hill Areas Committee during the minister’s visit to Churachandpur.

The college has highlighted in the memorandum, that the college is facing acute shortage of lecturers in the Chemistry department as only a lecturer is managing the department despite UGC norms mandating a minimum of six or seven lecturers per department.

It said the Sociology department has only two lecturers.

The memorandum also mentioned that the Botany department has only three lecturers including a part-timer, the Anthropology department has two lecturers including a part-timer, Economics department has three lecturers including a part-timer and the Geography department has only 3 lecturers.

Principal, Vanlallawm said the new session (2014-2015) will commence from July 2 and if immediate appointments or arrangements are not made before that the students community especially the science students will face inexplicable hardships.

Vanlallawm said, Churachandpur Government College is one of the premiere colleges in the hill areas of Manipur where tribal students can study both Arts and Science at the degree level with honours.

Many parents of the district don’t like to send their wards to study BA/B Sc outside the state anymore as Churachandpur Government College has made enormous stride in bringing quality education.



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