Gaikhangam ask people to beware of anti-social elements in up coming ADC polls


IMPHAL, June 5: The Union government has implemented many schemes for the welfare of the public in every state of India. If schemes were utilised with sincerity and transparency by representatives of local bodies, the state might have been more developed, stated Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam in a felicitation programme of newly elected Chairman Hunaliabou and Vice-Chairman Zino Kamei of ADC Tamenglong.

He said, further, that the ADC was a defunct local body four years ago. But, now it is functioning properly under the leadership of Okram Ibobi Singh even after confronted with pressing issues like sixth schedule demand committee etc.

Reminding people about the time when candidates faced intimidation or were killed with the demand of “no sixth schedule, no ADC election in hills area”, he said the term of the ADC will be complete next year, adding that unfortunately, due to the threat posed by the demand committee four ADCs are still operating from the valley as they are banned in their native villages or districts.

“Now questions are being asked about why ADCs are not operating out of its proper district head quarters,” he said, “ but operating ADCs out of valley areas was not the wish of the government as circumstances compelled it to operate from the valley.”

Assuring the hills people that the government is now creating good atmosphere in its district head quarters for shifting their ADC and for providing welfare schemes and other benefits to public, he said that without people’s support no government government schemes or project aken up in state will succeed.

The Deputy CM lamented that if from top to bottom schemes such as NREGS are utilised properly at least 50 percent of the project of our state might be developed.

“It is unfortunate that not much on the ground have been achieved despite huge amounts have been sanctioned for the proposed projects or schemes.”

Clarifying some propaganda which is creating confusions to the general public that the NDA led central government and the Congress led state government can’t work together for public, he said: “ India is a parliamentary democracy with a unilateral structure of federalism under the framework of the Indian constitution with many bounding dos and don’ts. So, we need not worry about the change at the centre because the change won’t affect our state. If any state matter is handed by Central government, it is unconstitutional. Every government process is bound by a system.”

He said that now the party will be united instead of worrying about the defection of members and will be more strengthened with the determination to not commit the same mistakes of the present government.

Appealing the people of Manipur to beware of anti-state elements who will be seen in the coming ADC elections with a strategy of boycotting ADC members by replacing them with proxy candidates as their hidden agenda, he said that a similar tactic was sued in the recent LS polls.

“They will use force or any means to win the seats of ADC so that they can create a headache to the government,” he said.

Tamei MLA Z Kokhonbau Newmai, the president of the function said that the ADC Tamenglong has a unique quality of unity and understanding among its ADC members from the Block Congress Committee Tamei and Tousem.

“The term of the present ADC will be complete next year but the members are thinking that they can bring a change in the area by developed it equally. This ADC is a collective and composite council of various communities but with a same ideology and unity without the barrier of being Nagas or Kukis. Development initiated in Tamenglong is transparent,” he said.



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