International Day against drug abuse observed in Bishnupur


BISHUPUR, June 26: As in different parts of the world, District Welfare Office, Bishnupur District also observed International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with a theme ‘Make Health your New High in Life not Drugs’ at Kiyamba Ningshing Shanglen. An Ex-tempore Speech Competition was also organised, in which 8 girls and 10 boys participated. Ksh. Rejina Devi, Oinam Girls High School, placed 1st Position, L. Meneka Devi, Ngaikhong High School and Henam Ranjana Devi, Oinam Girls High School, placed 2nd and 3rd Position. Cash Prizes were distributed with citations.

Jason A Shimray, IAS, D.C., Bishnupur, was the Chief Guest and L. Lolindro, Chairperson, Bishnupur Municipal Council, presided over the function. The Guests of Honour were A. Kameshwor,, DWSO, Bishnupur, L. Marjitkumar, DYC NYC, Bishnupur, L. Kunjo, BDO, Moirang CD Block and Dr. W. Purnima Devi, District AIDS Officer, Bishnupur.

A. Kameshwor stated, drug abusers should be guided and helped properly to make them live a normal life so that the negative impacts do not strike and an effective co-operation should be given with all the agencies and related departments for a new better future.

L. Marjitkumar said, Manipur is in South-east Asia and every drug related business passes through Manipur which results as an outcome of maximum drug abusers among youths and students, so there is a need for NGOs, Law Inforce Agencies and Line Departments to join in together to stop it.

Jason A Shimray said, youths are more vulnerable and a strong care is needed, so Government of the country and states, NGOs and other related Departments should join and support the needs.

Meanwhile, District Police, Bishnupur also organised Rallies at Nambol, Bishnupur, Ningthoukhong and Moirang in which Police personals participated under the leadership of N. Herojit, MPS, S.P., Bishnupur and speaking to the public, he said, the influence of Meira Paibi to stop Drug abuse and Illicit trafficking has been very strong since last few years and so he appealed that, there is need for them to co-operate more with Police Department.

The day followed, by organising Spot Painting and Slogan Competition at Nambol Lainingthou Khoriphaba Temple Hall with a theme ‘A Message of Hope, Drug use disorders are preventable and treatable’ in which 88 students from different Schools in the state participated. Yunman Rahul, Class IX, Wangkhei High School placed 1st Position in both Painting and Slogan Competition. Ksh. Gopinath, Class IX, Kanan Devi Memorial School, Pangei and Soomsoom Malemnganbi Yumnamcha placed 2nd and 3rd Position in Painting while N. Bidyashwor, Class X, Gulap School, Keinou and Thiyam Krishnakant, Class X, St. John English High School, Nambol placed 2nd and 3rd Position in Slogan. Cash Prizes of Rs.1500, Rs.1000 and Rs.500 were given with citation for Painting Competition and Rs.500, Rs.300 and Rs.200 for Slogan Competition and Consolation Prizes of Rs.300 each were also given to selected 7 students.

H. Somorendro, Chairperson, Nambol Munipal Council, was the Chief Guest and N. Herojit presided over the function. The Guests of Honour were Dr. Kh. Shamungou, Environmentalist and Th. Bikram, MPS, Additional S.P. (Law & Order) and P. Marjit, MPS, Additional S.P. (Ops) of Binhnupur. The resource persons were L. Jugeshwor, Principal, Royal Academy of Law, Oinam and L. Phunindro, Renown Painter & Sculpture, Nambol Phoijing.


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