June uprising-Unity Day observation committee conveys gratitude


IMPHAL, June 21: In connection with the 13th The Great June Uprising, Unity Day, the Observation Committee extends its gratitude towards UCM-Unit At Line, AMRDPWA, Film forum Manipur, Kasturba Gandhi Orphan Ashram and members of IMC Ward-12 for the cleanliness drive before the event and also for rendering other services, and to the private and Government firms and volunteers for their financial assiatance.

It also thanked the Transport Association/Union and private parties, AMSSA for providing PA system, ISTV and IMPACT TV for Live coverage, private and government hospitals and Nursing Institution for providing ambulance as well as a help in organising blood donation campaign, doctors and nurses for attending for providing medical aid. Maibas for ritual services, Kangla Band Party and Huieyen Lalong Thang-Ta Association for their General Salute.

The Committee also thanked Roop-Raag for orchestral service,

Councillor of IMC Ward-12 for providing water and refreshment, volunteers who donated blood, volunteer for security, NCC and CADO for their labour, musicians of Surti Sargam, and different clubs, Meira Paibis, different ethnic groups of Manipur and people from outside Manipur who came to attend the event.

Cash donation and charity will not be further accepted in connection with the 13th The Great June Uprising, Unity Day, said the Publicity Sub-Committee in a press release.



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