KRA owns shooting at woman


IMPHAL Jun 21: The Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) has claimed that its cadres who were on patrolling duty had shot the woman who was brought in to the Raj Medicity on June 17 night with a bullet injury on her buttock.

30 year old Hatjaneng of L Hungjang Village was admitted at the Raj Medicity with a gun injury on her buttock.

Clarifying on the incident,the outfit’s publicity secretary T Simte spoke to the media somewhere in Sadar Hills today.

He said ever since the black topping of the Ekou to Saparmeina road had started some two years back, there has been unabated and frequent abduction for monetary demands in the area.

He said according to demands and appeals from the local public, its cadres have been conducting patrolling in the Konghom area for some time now.

On June 17 night, the outfit recieved specific reports about some anti-social elements heading towards Konghom area to abduct some labourers engaged in the black topping, he said.

Subsequently, the outfit sent its cabres to the area and put them on high alert, he continued.

Unfortunately, around 7.30 the same night, the cadres came across an individual talking on a mobile phone in the area, he said.

T Simte said that on being asked for identification, the person instead of complying with the cadres tried to flee taking advantage of the darkness.

He claimed that the cadres had no other option but to fire at the person, who turned out to be a woman.

After knowing the fact the KRA leaders and KSO of Saikul visited the woman’s house seeking forgiveness and it was settle as per the to the law of the Kuki customary, asserted Simte.

At the same time the KRA publicity secretary also warn and urge the Kuki National Front-President (KNF-P) to stay away from the issue of KRA as they never interfered in any of their issues.



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