KSO alleges govt allotting land to depts. without chiefs’ consent


IMPHAL, June 23: The government has clandestinely allotted village land in Moreh to its departments, which became public after local papers reported it on June 19, said a press statement of the KSO, HQ.

It said the “The impudence shown by the Revenue department by allotting land measuring 3.6465 hectares to District and Commerce Industries, Fire Services, Medical, Treasury and PWD is not acceptable.”

“The village chiefs did not have an inkling of this land acquisition, when an inquiry was initiated by the KSO. No chief’s authorization was obtained when the government allotted these lands to its departments. Therefore, this amounted to thievery,” it charged.

The chiefs who are mostly illiterates generally kept their silence because of their gullibility; and also because of the notion that it was all for development and for the good of poor villagers, it said

The KSO will no longer remain a mute spectator to this policy.



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