Kuki outfits optimistic of NDA government


DIMAPUR/IMPHAL, June 21 (NNN): The current terms of Suspension of Operation (SoO) between the Government of India, the Manipur Government and the two umbrella Kuki underground organisations–Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and United People’s Front (UPF)– will expire on August 22, which is also the date for the tripartite talks between these parties to be held in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, KNO spokesperson Dr Seilen Haokip when contacted by Newmai News Network, said the umbrella organisation will observe closely how the new government i.e. Narendra Modi led NDA perceives and considers the Kuki issue and the Kuki underground outfits.

Dr Seilen Haokip said the KNO has been studying the situation and will continue studying the scenario till the second week of August before signing for the extension of the Suspension of Operation (SoO).

“Signing the SoO pact just for the sake of signing every time it expires is a futile exercise,” stated the KNO leader. Dr Seilen Haokip however expressed hope that the NDA government will be better than the Congress led UPA government.

“Yes, I personally feel more optimistic with the NDA than the previous government UPA,” said Dr Seilen Haokip, a prominent leader of KNO, adding with a jibe, “The UPA government was too arrogant and lacks integrity.”

The KNO leader further expressed his personal opinion that Narendra Modi’s slogan of “minimum government and maximum governance” is something worth noting.

“Modi seems to be more firm and a man of integrity,” added Dr Seilen Haokip. However, it is too early to conclude things, added Dr Haokip.

“Let us wait and see,” he said.

On the line of Dr Seilen Haokip, the UPF and NSCN-IM leaders too have expressed and said they have more faith with the Narendra Modi led NDA government.

Expressing similar views, Sanga Hmar, the convenor of the Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) of the United People’s Front (UPF), the other umbrella organisation of Kuki underground organisations said they too have more faith on the NDA government than the previous Congress led UPA government. He expressed hope that things are likely to be on the move.

Meanwhile, the NSCN-IM has expressed on various occasions hinting its good rapport with the NDA than the UPA.

“We are more comfortable with the NDA leaders than the UPA leaders,” said a prominent NSCN-IM leader over the phone today. He then recalled that it was during the NDA regime under Atal Bihari Vajpayee when things were moving at a faster pace than during the UPA regime with regard to the Naga peace talks.



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