Manas Maisnam won the “Special Jury Appreciation” award in cartoon competition


KanglaOnline congratulates Manas Maisnam for his Special Jury award.

KanglaOnline’s cartoonist Manas Maisnam has been awarded with “Special Jury Appreciation Award” for his cartoon on the Tarun Tejpal episode. The award distribution function of Maya Kamath Cartoon Competition 2013 was held on 14th June 2014 at Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC), Midford House, Bangalore.

The cartoon was featured on the Facebook group ‘CartoonWatch’ in November 2013 and following are the list of prize winners in the competition:

First Prize: Tanmay Tyagi (Tehelka, New Delhi)
Second Prize: Manoj Chopra (Panjab Kesri, Jammu)
Third Prize: Alok Nirantar (Sakal, Nagpur)

Special Jury Appreciation Awards:
Biswajith Balasubramanian, Chennai
Manas Maisnam, Imphal, Manipur

3Manas Maisnam’s cartoon on Tarun Tejpal episode as displayed in the exhibition

1The cartoons on display at IIC gallery

2The Certificate received by Manas Maisnam

(Photo are taken and shared by: Mr. Khongbantabam Esund)

This competition is organized by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC) for every year in memory of late Maya Kamath (1951-2001) who was a prominent female cartoonist of the country. The 100th Exhibition of cartoons by IIC was also opened on the event, cartoons from 101 well known cartoonists including legends like R.K. Laxman, Mario Miranda, Abu Abraham and Pran etc. has been put on display. The exhibition will continue till 24th August, 2014.

We may recall that Manas Maisnam had also won the similar award two years before for his famous cartoon “Petrol Pump Queue” which was featured in KanglaOnline website in 2011. Cartoons by Manas Maisnam are featured in KanglaOnline under the title “On the Skew”.



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