Meritorious students feted


LAMKA, June 14: Successful students of 10 Tuivai ADC Constituency in this year’s Class X and XII exams were felicitated at the New Lamka, Cemetry Hall today.

MP Thangsho Baite’s recent election win was also celebrated during the function.

The MP lauded the ADC Churachandpur chairman while saying that the ADCC chairman was instrumental in his win.

He said he almost received 100 percent votes at two booths: Songtal and Khuangin villages during the election.

Addressing the students, the newly elected second time MP said they should strive to excel in their future too and those who have failed should retrospect and give more effort the next time around.

He said a new trend witnessed today is that the number of first divisioners is highest, followed by second divisioners and third divisioners, which is the opposite from his student days.

“The brain is like a memory card and when it’s full with fault /virus more can’t be added and then it would become dormant,” the MP said.

The function was also attended by most of the district’s MDCs and EM including the vice chairman Khaipau Haokip.

ADCC chairman Langkhanpau Guite congratulated the successful candidates for their success and at the same time said the failed students should not lost heart but take it as a challenge.

He said that he was also happy for Outer Constituency MP Thangso Baite on winning the seat.

The successful students were presented a solar lamp each. The successful students were 26 first divisioners in Class X and 16 first divisioners of Class XII.



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