Muslim body retracts statement on June Uprising


IMPHAL, June 11: The statement made by United Hatta Golapati Development Council of abstaining from the observation of the 13th Great June Uprising Day has today withdrawn its decision after an understanding was arrived with the organising committee.

General Secretary of United Hatta Golapati Development Council, Haji Arafad Ali stated to media person the reason of boycotted was due to an allegation made by the Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies on June 7 that Hatta Golapati was full of robbers.

The allegation was a baseless and is regretful, he said and added that the people of the said area got sentimental and made an announcement on June 9, of abstaining from the Great June 18 observation, he stated.

After a thorough discussion the decision has been withdrawn realising that it is better to participate for the betterment of the state and for the martyrs, who laid down their lives.

Haji Arafad Ali representing all the Meitei Pangal of the state appealed to one and all to participate in the 13th Great June Uprising Day observation cutting across the communities of the state.

Chairman of 13th Great June Uprising Day observation committee, Y Nabachandra said the effort made by AMUCO and UCM will be in vain without the participation from every communities residing in the state.

Y Nabachandra appealed to every one of the state to mend any misunderstanding that could have risen among communities for maintaining tranquility in the state. He further appealed to every section of the communities to come and join the observation.



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