Nurses association blames RIMS director for impasse


Imphal, June 16: The RIMS Nurses Association has blamed the failure of RIMS director Dr. Shekharjit to produce the correct central rules and regulations of promotion as the reason of its ongoing strike.

RIMS Nurses Association general secretary Kh Meena said in a press meet at the Manipur press club said that they don’t have anything against the promotion of SC nurses but want the implementation of the correct central rules and regulations of promotion under the reservation roster.

Meanwhile, the Teacher and Medical Association, RIMS has give a green signal to support the nurses association strike from today at 4 pm if RIMS authority doesn’t give a positive response.

The association has stated that the nurses’ agitation is genuine and the authority must meet their demand.

Clarifying to the public about the confusion created by the director that RIMS is under the control of the central government and follows its reservation norms, Meena said the main reason of the strike is that a SC staff nurse from 2004 batch was promoted to a nursing sister in 2008 when she was not even among the candidates considered for the promotion.

In this regard, a senior nurse W Mombi filed a case against the SC nurse’s promotion at the High Court under WPC no. 257 of 2008. But the case was closed after the nurse association’s counsel Paonam Haricharan and the lawyer representing the RIMS authorities came to an agreement. The case was closed on September 16, 2011 after RIMS authority failed to submit to the High Court that the promoted nurse had retired.

However, the retired nurse was found to be promoted recently on February 2 from a Nursing Sister to Assistance Nursing Superintendent bringing into question how a retired nurse can be promoted to a higher post. After finding the order of promotion, the previous case was closed as the nurse’s retirement was reported to the High Court.

The Nurses Association has demanded the stay of the promotion order by RIMS authorities until the case is not finished. Recently, the same case resumed at the High Court on March 14 with a new counsel representing the petitioner.

The association has demanded to know the correct central RR norms prescribed for RIMS.

“We are not demanding reservation on communal lines. The director gave a booklet after downloading it from the internet and a Xerox copy from a book as central norms of RR presently applicable in RIMS. But when Fimate was the director, a counter-signed hard copy of RR was issued to nurses.If the RIMS authority does not issue the correct RR under central norms, the agitation will be strengthened more until a concrete solution is brought,” said Kh Meena.


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