PFA to report Mahabali forest disturbance to Meneka Gandhi


IMPHAL, June 26: The People For Animal, Thoubal has said that it will send a report on the adverse effect of the construction of a diversion bridge at Mahabali forest soon to the Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development Maneka Gandhi who is also the chairperson of the PFA.

A press statement of the PFA, Thoubal has said that the cutting of trees and excavation of soil from the Mongba hanba forest/ Mahabali forest for the construction of a diversion bridge has displaced around 10 monkeys from the forest.

It said that the displaced monkeys are invading Imphal, which is a shocking phenomenon.

“This shows that the monkeys are frightened and feeling homeless due to the cutting and excavating work.”

While stating that the PFA helpline has been receiving several calls from people about witnessing monkeys inside the city since early yesterday, it said “Joint actions are being taken up by the state Zoological staff and PFA to handle the situation.”

It said a Kid day care centre at Sagolband area had to close the centre yesterday to avoid any unwanted conflict with the monkeys.

People in the locality have been staying behind closed doors during the night.

The Zoo staff have even set up a trap in the locality for the monkeys, it said.

It has further said that the construction of the diversion bridge inside the forest will only create irritation to the monkeys with the noise and pollution from the vehicles.

“The huge machines used in construction will drive them wild. Then more monkeys will leave the grove and invade the city.”

Calling upon the public not to panic, it said the PFA and the Zoo staff are trying to control the displaced animals.

It also added that the PFA was informed that some of the monkeys were headed towards Takyel side today.


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