Th Shyamkumar led MPTC initiates disqualification process against Joykishan


IMPHAL, June 11: The Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress (MPTC) president Thounaojam Shyamkumar has sent a letter to the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly seeking disqualification of Thangmeiband MLA Khumukcham Joykishan, a self appointed MPTC president for misconduct and anti-party activities.

In the inauguration function of the MPTC’s new office at Yaiskul, Shyamkumar said: “Khumukcham Joykishan who was suspended from MPTC a few days ago acted against the party by violating the party’s rules and regulations. He has served a counter order terminating me for six years from the party without giving any prior information.”

“As a national party, our party members can’t make statements without the permission of the party high command. But Joykishan has gone beyond the party constitution. So, a written letter was sent to Speaker Th Lokeshwar for initiating the process of disqualification against Joykishan from the party.”

He further said that as a unit of the All India Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee, MPTC has the responsibility of spreading the Trinamool Congress’ base in Manipur, adding that MPTC is the second largest party in Manipur while AITC is the fourth largest party in the country.

“It is clear that as per the rules in the constitution of the party, it doesn’t accept any trouble makers inside the party. The party brooks no anti-party activities from any individual or group. It is unfortunate that MLA Joykishan has gone against the party and neglected the rules and regulations,” he said.

He said that the party needed true workers or sympathisers not MLAs, adding that Trinamool Congress can’t be hold to ransom by five MLAs.

“Joykishan has acted against provisions in article 10 of the party and need to be disqualified from the party. It is quite clear from the results of the Lok Sabha elections who love the party and care about its welfare. Joykishan and his minions have worked against Trinamool Congress,”

As per the election norms, the Trinamool Congress can constitute only one AITCC, working committee and State Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committees in states. But, Joykishan has claimed that MPTC is not under AITC, he added.

“So, if necessary the party will take up legal actions against them. If they try to solve the crisis within the party, we will take them back into the party’s fold,” he said.



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