Unprecedented heat wave grips Ukhrul


By R Lester Makang
UKHRUL, June 11: Once a cold, chilly place, Ukhrul town has lately been experiencing unprecedented scorching heat and scripting the hottest ever summer in its entire history as mercury keeps soaring since the past few weeks.

Although a mixture of light drizzle and cloud during the past 48 hours or so has brought some respite from the heat, the weather condition is expected to continue with no rain or cloud in the next few days until seasonal moonson arrives.

Since the past couple of days, weather is changing quickly with a looming cloud suddenly gives way to sunshine and then to momentary spitting of rain. However, the heat continues unabated especially during the day unlike in the past.

Reports from the state MeT department said that maximum temperature of the district fluctuates between 21.5 degree celsius and 24.8 degree celsius during the past week, while minimum temperature inbetween 15.9 degree celsius and 18.8 degree celsius during the same period as per IMD(AWS) data.

The township used to a place where most people normally took bath by heating water throughout the year but this summer people do not have problem with cold water as temperature breaches tolerable marks.

Many people could be seen taking several baths to keep themselves fresh from the heat and body moisture during the past week.



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