URF clarifies on killing cadres


IMPHAL, June 5: Chairman of the United Revolutionary Front (URF) Lanheiba Meitei clarifies on the incident of two cadres being killed at their camp. A release states that there are certain rules and regulations under which the outfit functions.

The outfit under its Article 3 of Charter 3 laid down certain conditions under which a cadre can be awarded capital punishment. It said that such punishment can be meted out if a cadre reveals the secrets of the outfit and hobnobs with enemies, in case of financial misappropriation and losing weapons. If a cadres indulges in intoxication and lures other young recruits; if found trying to split the organisation; if wrong charges are leveled against the leader with an aim to kill him, if immoral designs are perpetuated against women and other women cadres; if a cadre tries to desert the outfit or burns the flag of the organisation or documents.

It further mentioned that the two who were awarded capital punishments namely Irengbam Meelkumar alias Bode alias Washington and Pukhrambam Somorjit alias Bangcha were sent into the URF fold with ulterior motives, their intentions are well known to the URF, it said.

Further, the two came from different KCP organizations and they both always neglected the directives of the URF. They both were reprimanded on several occasions but failed to mend their ways. These could not be made public as the URF had to maintain a certain party protocol. However, killing a cadre and burying is not a new practice for the different outfits operating in the state, Lanheiba alleged. It is a practice to uproot the parasitic infection in its ebb, unless it consumes the whole system, he states further that it was a decision taken to save the lives of several other URF cadres. Lanheiba declared that if such an action taken to preserve the URF cadres demands the gallows, then he himself will not be hesitant for a moment to sacrifice as well in the interest of the outfit, added the statement.



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