“Women’s role in Manipur history making always participatory and dynamic”


IMPHAL, June 27: Eminent public intellectual, well known theatre director and renowned scholar, Arambam Lokendra delivered the annual Thingnam Kisan Memorial Lecture at the Arts Hall DM College this afternoon.

Lokendra spoke on the fascinating topic “Women, Society and Performance: A Peep into Manipur History”.

Drawing from the rich traditions of myths, folklores as well as ancient texts of of Manipur, such as Leimaren Laichat, Panthoibi Khonggul, Naothingkhong Phambal Kaba, Thawan Thaba Hiran, Chainarol, the lecture took the audience on a unique conducted tour of the past, flagging in the process, landmarks in the history of Manipur and the vital contributions women made in its making.

The paper took the position the Manipuri women’s actions and behaviours were always a big factor in the changing processes of the society, and that these actions were in turn determined by the women’s proactive responses as participants to challenges of the times.

The one hour lecture was chaired by Pradip Phanjoubam, Group Editor, Imphal Free Press.

Two discussants, both well known scholars, Paonam Thoibi, clinical psychologist, and Inaocha Singh, officer State Finance Department, made brief but enlightening critiques of the paper, ahead of a lively discussion open to the packed hall.


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