Worried over weak opposition, Y Irabot braces for opposition role


IMPHAL, June 22: With the number of opposition MLAs seemingly diminishing in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, senior Congress legislator, Y Irabot, has expressed desire to don the role of the opposition in the interest of the people.

Speaking to IFP, the senior Congress legislator opined that Opposition since the beginning of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly has never been satisfying.

Irabot’s party Congress has 47 MLAs in the 60 member House in the present term.

He said several issues have rocked the State during the present assembly term including drug trafficking cases and the involvement of security personnel and the son of a politician in such cases, yet the Opposition has not done enough to get to the bottom of such issues.

The public are left high and dry as to why the SIU, the unit responsible for busting several drug trafficking cases, was abolished and who are the kingpins of the cases, he asserted.

The people at the helm are manipulating the system openly under the very nose of the opposition, he asserted.

Irrespective of whether one is from the ruling or from the opposition, one should work to root out an issue like the drug menace which has been taking centre stage for long in the interest of the State and the people.

Other issues which need immediate attention at the moment range from deprivation of rights of the people to misappropriation of public funds, etc, the Congress MLA said.

All these anti-people acts are taking place despite the fact that there are 22 legislators on the opposition bench, contended Irabot adding that the situation has become more worrying with the number gradually decreasing.

It is pertinent to note that the second largest party in the opposition bench recently merged with the ruling party before the MP election.

Moreover, the strength of the opposition is unstable with the largest opposition Trinamool reeling under internal crisis.

“In order to bring a balance to the chaotic political scenario which is gradually leading the State towards a murky pathway, one must take the responsibility in the interest of the State and its people”, exclaimed Y Irabot.

The 8th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly is likely to begin in July.



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