100 Crore Sports University to be set up in Manipur : Union Budget 2014


Indian government has finally stood up for the cause of Sports in India. FM Arun Jaitley pointed out that India has failed as a country to introduce sports in its main-stream academic activities. To remedy the situation, Modi government will set up national-level Sports Academies for major games in different parts of the countries.


For accomplished athletes at junior and sub-junior-levels, academics with international-level training facilities will be set up in India. Sport Academies for Shooting, Archery, Boxing, Wrestling, various Track and Field events and Weighlifting have also been announced.

To nurture the sporting talent of Jammu & Kashmir, budgetary allocation of Rs 200 crore has been made. These funds will be used to build international-level sports stadiums for indoor and outdoor sports in the state. Northeast states have received a gift of a Sports University at Manipur in Union Budget 2014. Rs 100 crore has been allotted for the purpose.


To promote unique sports traditions of the Himalayan Region, annual games events will be organized in J&K, northeastern states, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Bordering Himalayan countries like Nepal and Bhutan will also be invited to participate in such events.

Rs 100 crore has especially been allocated to train sportsmen and sports women of India for upcoming Asian and Commonwealth Games. Jaitley has also announced a Centre for Disability Sports to empower differently-abled persons to live a life of dignity in a more inclusive society.

Source: http://www.prepsure.com/news/union-budget-2014-education-sector-jaitley-announces-national-sports-academies-sports-university-at-manipur/


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