Alvina’s clarifications are futile, says late Prakeet’s father


IMPHAL, July 18: Family members of Soram Prakreet and the People Action Committee (PAC) formed after his death under suspicious conditions stated that Alvina Golson’s clarifications on July 17 were futile as no one had accused her of being involved in Prakeet’s gruesome murder.

This was expressed by Lt Col (retd) Tikendrajit Singh, the father of the deceased, at a press conference in Manipur Press Club today where he also urged people to cooperate in finding the killers of his son.

This is not an attempt to inflame communal tensions because the committee or the family members are not pointing fingers at any community, added the father of the deceased.

If the family members believed that she was involved than we could have thrashed her or some untoward incident might have happened when we visited her house, to get some information, where we found her in an inebriated state, he said, adding that the allegation of her phones being confiscated was wrong because both the phones were taken with her permission.

“We finally succeeded in lodging an FIR (61(7)2014, 302, 34) yesterday after a long time at Heingang Police Station,” he informed IFP. Asserting that his son didn’t die from drug overdose, he maintained that his son was brutally tortured and killed.

Meanwhile, one of Prakeet’s friends has revealed that he and some of his friends saw his now deceased friend with Alvina Golson on July 4 at around 7-8 pm along the RIMS road.

“The moment we saw him we called him over the phone and asked him where they were going but he told us that he would tell later,” said the friend of the deceased who wants to remain anonymous.

Many have witnessed Prakeet and Alvina together along the RIMS road at least until 8 pm and therefore Alvina’s claim that they were together only until 6.30 pm is wrong, he added.



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