CMO announces Intensified Diarrhoea control programme in CCpur


LAMKA, July 30: Chief Medical Officer, Churachandpur Dr Thangchinkhup Guite called a press conference at the training hall of his office, today in connection with the proposed “Intensified Diarrhoea control fortnight program.”

Officials of the CMO, Churachandpur and the District Family Welfare under the charge of Dr VC Pau Tonsing and a child specialist doctor will interact with the public during the programme of the Central govt to formulate mechanism for eradication of diarrhoea.

State Health minister T Pungzathang will inaugurate the nation-wide programme on August 1.

The CMO further said that diarrhoea is a special concern as it is one of the causes responsible for maximum loss of life in India for children under the age of five years.

The programme will also involve the ASHAs and Aganwadi workers to distribute ORS and other medicines call Zinc from house to house in the district.

If breast-feeding kids are found to suffer from diarrhoea, they will be administered with half tablet of zinc which can be increase with the age of the child.

The DFWO also said the exercise was a nation-wide scheme.

The program is funded and completed under the initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The CMO also appeal to the media to help them bring awareness of the programme to the people.


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