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Crestfallen Selecao

Brazil’s shocking defeat in the hands of Germany in the semifinal match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 will remain the most embarrassing defeat for the five times world champion. The domination of the Germans in the semifinal match over the Brazilians was simply indomitable. It looked as if the Germans have decided to conquer the beautiful game not only for that night, but for the rest of the footballing moments that are to come at the international level. The defeat was unimaginably torturous for the Brazilians including the entire fans spread across the world, who believe that football is in the DNA of the Brazilians. Why not? Brazil is a country which has produced some of the finest world class footballers. And we need not waste our print space by mentioning those names of great Brazilian footballers. Brazil’s dream of lifting the World Cup trophy on their own soil shattered just after the completion of first half’s 19 minutes of the match. As commentators have observed that the game is inextricably tied to the national sense of self-worth of the Brazilians more than any other country, there is tremendous pressure that comes with playing. This pressure can be highly motivating, or it can be debilitating. Perhaps it was the eccentricity of the country over the game that the then government in power held intensive investigation and dragged some of its players before a panel of politicians following its defeat in the finals of the 1998 World Cup against France. But is there a tangible explanation for the team’s overall uninspiring performance in this World Cup and also of its semifinal defeat against Germany? On a larger level, some critics have placed blame on the conventional school of thought of Brazilian football itself. It is argued that there has been an irresistible rush to win more trophies, which gave way to a more brutish style of play. Besides, it is also observed that immersion of young and talented Brazilians into the European club football has to an extent sapped the squad of its essential identity, thereby squelching the creativity of the athletes that has characterised the Brazilians;though European club football facilitate players to adapt themto become methodical specialist in a big international organisation. Absence of Neymar, the star striker of the team did affect the team’s morale in the semifinal match. In fact, Neymar’s absence was something the team spoke about a lot during counseling session with their sports psychologist before the match. Alongside skipper Thiago Silva’s absence was also one of the important factors. But most importantly the ignominy that the team suffered was because of the lack of team discipline. Brazilians should stop playing possession-base football. No doubt, that they are outstanding with their individual skill. The defense line was pathetic against the clinical precision passes of the Germany. Team Germany easily sensed the opponent’s vulnerability and they were merciless with their attack.Scolari, the Brazilian coach has been apologetic, taking the sole responsibility of the defeat. Commentators have also come down harshly on him, for he could have averted the catastrophe by changing the tactics after conceding the second goal. Interestingly, Brazil is going to have its presidential election later this year, which coincides with every World Cup year. President incumbent Dilma Roussef’s fate will be decided in the election. Her government’s decision to host the World Cup this year was not received well by sections of citizens. Dilma’s government was blamed for spending huge amount of tax payer’s money on the World Cup that could have been spent on social welfare schemes. Meanwhile, the legend Pele even after the humiliating defeat has pinned his hope on Brazil becoming the next World Cup champion to be held in Russia. We doubt.

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