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Deplorable condition of IT road enrages locals

KANGPOKI, July 23: In this modern world road have become a vital, important means of transportation and cheap as well. Road also catalyze financial, economical and overall development of the state.

Forget about Asian Highway, National Highway, State Highway and many other important roads in the state, Imphal – Tamenglong road locally and commonly known as IT. Road, stated to be one of the oldest road connecting Imphal and Tamenglong via Kangpokpi which is passing through the illustrious and agriculture productivity rich Twilang Area is still the mediocre concernment of the Government.

If we talk about this 66 Km. long Imphal-Tamenglong road which passed many tribal villages in the hilly Twilang Area dominated mainly by Kuki, Naga and Nepali, the condition of the road is very wretched but it is the only means of transportation in the area.

A continual problem every year, there seems to be no exception this year too though widening of the road has been done and some portion black topped recently but damaged within a short span of time which clearly signified poor quality maintenance by the contractors.

With the onset of the monsoon, this Imphal – Tamenglong road score miserable stature with driving on the dug up, slippery and muddy road leaving road users exhausted and the unmistakable potholes giving them back-breaking rides.

Vehemently enraged Chongpi, a passenger said that a rollercoaster ride at this pathetic road in any passenger vehicle available automatically makes you in hell like situation followed by a good traditional massage on reaching home.

Interestingly, Imphal-Tamenglong Road is passing four different constituencies’ viz. Kangpokpi, Saitu-Gamphajol, Tadubi and Tamenglong with more than 80 villages dominated by various communities.

Spotting the jagged, ill at ease and the road looks like a muddy pool from a distance, a hysterical passenger vehicle driver Paogin Kipgen said that, “any inescapable accident could happen within a blink which can caused untold suffering to many innocent commuters in this muddy, slippery road”.

Covered with mud from head to toe, a class IV student of Thonglang Akutpa UJB School Nabin among many other students returning home from school said that we went to school neat and clean in the morning but on the way we are totally muddy since no other optional road is available for us to reach our school to avoid this muddy road.

Another student added that not knowing the miserable hardship we faced our teacher and parent as well scolded us and even we got beaten sometime because of this muddy road which eventually renders us an idea to avoid schooling during monsoon season.

“We are very much boring to attended school like this”, another student added.

In the meantime, I.T. Road Transport Welfare Association and Twilang Area Kuki Chief Association also voice their concerned over the sorry road while drawing the attention of the concern authority immediately.

He also pointed out that though Kangpokpi to Chawangkining section of the road has been black topped, Chawangkining to Thonglang Akutpa stretched under contractor Ibungo is totally out of order which is badly insignificant for the commuters as well as motorists.

Chairman of the transport association Khupthang while warning the Govt. and the concerned authority to bear responsibility for any untoward incident happen to the commuters and motorists due to the deplorable road alleged the Govt. and concerned authority for remaining unconcerned to the growing misery of the public due to the bad road.

Though the area produces a good numbers of agriculture product sought in most part of the state, it has not improved the economic condition of the area, with poor road being one of the main bottlenecks in their growth asserted Sehkho Kipgen, Secretary of the Twilang Area Kuki Chief Association.

Most of the villages including Thonglang, Irang Nepali Basti, T.Waichong, Kotlen, Selsi, Gelnal, Chalwa, Chawangkining, Makui, Tamei, etc. of the Twilang Area have been engaged in potato farming. This is one of their sources of livelihood since many decades back.

I.T. Road Transport Welfare Association Chairman Khupthang further asserted that the poor condition of the road and the problem gets aggravated during monsoons when large sections of the road get damaged easily.

“The reason is obvious: collusion between corrupt officials and contractors” asserted ITRTWA Chief while adding that yet no action is ever taken against the guilty.



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