Manipur becoming a land of bandhs and blockades: DESAM


IMPHAL, July 1: Manipur has become a State where bandhs and blockades have become an everyday routine, said Agamba Meitei, president Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) during a press conference held today at the DESAM office.

Since 2008, the student body has been organising a rally on July 1 on the theme ‘Free Zone Demand Day,” he said.

He further continued that starting from July 2 to 4, DESAM will be organising street corner campaigns, publicity and posters campaigns.

On July 5, DESAM will be organising a discussion with intellectuals, teachers and academicians at the JNMDA on the issue of “Education in Manipur,” he said.

He appealed to all the private schools and other educational institutes to observe the Free Zone Demand Day on July 5.

He said that the main objective is to encourage a proper education policy in the State which is lacking at the moment.

He lamented that there is no specific law against bandh and blockade and any random organisation are calling bandhs and blockades effecting education drastically.

He further appealed to the people against calling bandhs and blockades unnecessarily and to make education a free zone.

He also appealed to the government for proper provision of electricity and water supply in the State.



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