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PFI, condemns Anthony’s statement

IMPHAL, July 8: The Popular Front of India, Manipur State, joined the condemnation of Congress leader, A. K. Anthony by the front’s national chairman, K.M. Sharrif, over the former’s statement that the minority voters ditched the Congress party in the last Lok Sabha election, leading to the unprecedented defeat of the Congress party.

In a statement, the Manipur wing of the PFI said this allegation by Anthony is totally baseless and a figment of his imagination.

It also resented that the Congress high command has not reprimanded Anthony yet warning this would not augur well for the party’s future.

The statement further said the complete rout of the Congress in the last general election was on account of the poor showing of the UPA government in its two terms of power where it totally neglected its promises to the minority communities.

It said Anthony was playing to the tune of Rightist parties adding the Congress is contributing to the ascendency of the Hindutva ideology by remaining silent on the matter of Anthony’s statement. It also said the people were never happy with the award of the defense portfolio to Anthony during the UPA’s reign.




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