PSO’s Iftar party


IMPHAL, July 22: Ramjan is an auspicious day for the community of Muslim.

They fast for whole month and break their fast on Iftar Party.

The Pangal Students’ Organisation (PSO) and the ll Manipur Muslim Development Organisation (AMMDO) today held its iftar party in relation with Ramjan at its Hatta Golapati office.

“The first bite after a month long is known as ‘Magarib’. The Magarib timing is also an important ingredient of Ramjan. Today’s Magarib timing was 6:10 pm.”

The iftar party was attended by AMMDO president Md Shahid Ahmed, veteran social worker Th Iboyaima Singh, AMUCO advisor KT Rehman, student leaders, other guests.

After the first bite of Ramjan, a prayer was held which was followed by a grand feast.


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