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Seized narcotics disposed

IMPHAL, July 28: A huge amount of seized narcotics and illegal drugs confiscated on separate incidents and lodged under separate cases was disposed today by the Customs division, Imphal.

The illegal items were disposed at the Central Revenue Complex, Lamphelpat.

The disposed items included 21 packages of compressed blocks of ganja weighing 201 kg amounting to Rs 1,05,000; seven packages of compress blocks of ganja weighing 38.5 kg worth Rs 96,250; 13 packages of compress blocks of Ganja weighing around 107 kg worth around Rs 5,35,000.

The narcotics items also included 120960 capsules of Spasmo Proxyvon tablet, 58500 capsules of Actilab-T, 1000 (100ml) bottles of Phensedyle syrup, 1170 (100ml) bottles of Lupicof syrup, 248000 capsules of Actilite tablet worth Rs 616167 in total and Coldbrom tablets, Actified tablets, Certified tablets, Reloc tablets, Action Cold, Mini Cold, Ractified, Coldbrom (loose tablets) marked ASMA PAX weighing 70.020kgs and worth Rs 1,40,192,16 and 550 gm of heroin worth Rs 55,00,000.



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