State government calls all party meeting on ILP


IMPHAL, July 27: The council of ministers during a meeting with the State chief secretary and director general of police has decided to convene an all political party meeting immediately to discuss the current situation arising out of the demand for the Inner Line Permit.

According to a statement of the secretary to the Chief Minister, today’s meeting which was chaired by the Chief Minister, was held at the cabinet hall of the Chief Minister’s secretariat.

It said the meeting minutely deliberated on the present issue arising out of the demand for the implementation of the Inner Line Permit in the State.

The State has been witnessing several agitations over the past few days from various quarters demanding the immediate implementation of the ILP.

Rallies have been organised by local organisations, meira paibis and women bodies at the local level.

The statement said that the meeting also decided to call the all political party meeting to discuss the measures needed to be taken to pursue with the Central government to consider the resolutions earlier adopted by the Manipur Legislative Assembly to implement the ILF in Manipur and make arrangements for its implementation at the earliest.


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