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Thumbuthong’s road condition worrisome for locals: ex-commissioner

By Lanchamei Golmei
IMPHAL, July 16: Works minister Dr. Kh Ratankumar has assured people residing in the surrounding areas of Thumbuthong that the road development and other related works will resume today.

This was informed to the residents of the area in a meeting by Yaiskul MLA Elangbam Chand and the Section Engineer responsible for the development works in the area, stated ex-commissioner GA Ravichandra who participated in that meeting.

According to Ravichandra, the local MLA and the SE also relay the commitment expressed by the Works minister to complete the road development and other related works in the area.

A meeting was held on May 25, at the same venue where the local MLA and members of Brahmalaya Social Welfare Centre discussed the inconveniences faced by people in the surrounding areas of Thumbuthong.

During the meeting, it was decided that construction of the retaining wall would begin two days later but the construction stopped on June 28 without completion, ex-commissioner Ravichandra told IFP.

Ravichandra said the residents have patiently waited for the construction to begin since then but as there were no positive response from the government, members of Brahmalaya Social Welfare Centre and the local meira paibis held a meeting on Sunday to express their agony over the matter.

During the function, the members had a conversation over the phone with the local MLA on the issue to which the local MLA requested the people to give him time until Monday so that he can have a word with the CM and the Works minister on the issue, said the ex-commissioner.

Lamenting that the health of children and elders residing in the area are deteriorating day by day, he asked how long the people residing in the area will have to live in such conditions.

“We have been compromising since Thumbuthong opened to the general public. As it is one of the vital links between the two districts in the Imphal valley, we hoped that the State government would understand the issues and took up timely action,” he said.

He further stated that they have set a deadline of June 15 for the government to give a positive response to the demand.

In case the government fails to act on the demand, members of the Brahmalaya Social Welfare Centre and local meira paibis will launch agitations by blocking the road along Thambuthong, he warned.

He further added that, however, if the government’s response is positive, they will extend their best possible help to see the quick completion of the road development and other related works.




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