UNC’s boycott of Mani Charenamei immature, biased, asserts ZSUD


IMPHAL, July 2: The Zeliangrong Students’ Union Delhi, ZSUD has condemned the UNC resolution to boycott Mani Charenamei.

A statement of the student union said “The Zeliangrong Students’ Union Delhi (ZSUD) while maintaining political neutrality express shock and dismay at the decision of UNC by pronouncing social boycott and ostracizing Mani Charenamei with the charges of defying UNC’s directives and customary practices.”

“The apex body showed its immaturity and true color of authoritarianism by taking such a biased decision.”

Further condemning the UNC’s resolution of its presidential council meeting of May 28, it said the resolution is baseless, unfounded and politically motivated which serves the decision of only “few vested interests.”

It has also charged the UNC of attempting to assassinate the character and malign the political career of an individual by passing the bug and victimising the dissent to their wrongful decision.

It has also claimed the UNC decision as misleading, while questioning the “legitimacy of the UNC on such unfounded and one-sided allegation.”

“UNC’s allegation against Mani Charenamei of initiating counter movement and disrespect of the Naga issue, thereby questioning the legitimacy of the Alternative Arrangement (AA) is unfounded and untrue,” it said.

While further decrying that such prejudice is nothing but manifestation of immaturity and failure in leadership discipline which may eventually destruct the founding principles of the organization, whose main agenda is to bring development, peace and unity through social-political emancipation.

It is high time to introspect and stop playing the politics of exclusion, the statement asserted.

“Rather, UNC should be the guardian of Nagas unity and not otherwise.

Such decision may create further misunderstanding, confusion and division amongst the Nagas thereby creating its negative image,” it said while declaring that the union strongly upholds the decision and appeal of Rongmei Naga Council, Manipur, Liangmai Naga Council, Manipur, Zeme Naga Council and Inpui Naga Union, Manipur.



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