CITOS claims Tiddim bandh uncalled for


LAMKA, August 3: The Churachandpur-Imphal Taxi Owners’ Society (CITOS) has reacted harshly against the 24 hour Tiddim Road bandh called by the JAC of the Bus Owners’ Association.

In a statement, the CITOS secretary has said the bandh was uncalled for and it will only affect the commuters.

It said CITOS is a public oriented utility service provider and works only for the convenience of the people particularly along the Tiddim Road.

BOA’s demand for CITOS president to be put in jail is unacceptable and the demand is the brainchild of BOA secretary BD Sharma of BOA, it said and continued that BD Sharma’s aim is to exclusively control transportation service along the Tiddim Road.

The arrest of the CITOS president is the plan and handiwork of BD Sharma, it further alleged stating that the president is a law abiding citizen with no criminal records.


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